Viewing Information Across Agencies

A multi-agency environment provides users the ability to view information across agencies in the following Civic Platform features:

Cross-agency task dashboard

The task dashboard supports multi-agency environments, enabling super agency users to view tasks that originate from the various child agencies they work with, all in one place on the Civic Platform dashboard.

Users can toggle between the agency tabs at the top of the page to view the tasks assigned to them from different agencies. The agency tabs display the number of tasks assigned to the currently logged in user, enabling users to easily identify and navigate to the agencies where they have tasks to perform. This feature requires no configuration.

Cross-agency related records

Civic Platform enables users to view related records across multiple agencies, in both list view and tree view.
Related records list view:

Related records tree view:

Cross-agency record search

Civic Platform provides the ability to search for records across multiple agencies. Users can also search for specific record types and record status types across agencies.
Note: User access to records from other agencies depends on delegate user settings for the agency where the record was created. If users receive error messages when attempting to open cross-agency records, ensure that the proper delegate user settings are configured as described in “Delegate User Management” in the Civic Platform Administrator Guide.

To search for records across multiple agencies:

  1. Click to access the launchpad.
  2. Navigate to the Records page (In the Filter list... field, enter Record.).
  3. On the Records page, click Search. The Records Search page displays.
  4. Add the Agency field, Record Type field and/or the Status Type field to your records search page.
    1. Click Menu > Edit View.
    2. For complete instructions on the Edit View feature, click Help > Working with Forms > Using the Edit View Feature. You can also refer to the Civic Platform Administrator Guide for full details.
  5. Select the agency you want to search within. You can select multiple agencies by pressing the Ctrl key while making your selections. If you do not make a selection, Civic Platform searches across all agencies in your multi-agency environment.
  6. Select the record type you want to search within. The record type drop-down will display all record types for all agencies a delegate user has access to.
  7. Select the status type you want to search for.

  8. Enter any additional search criteria and click Submit. Civic Platform returns a list of records for the selected agencies and status types.
    Note: Cross-agency searches are only supported for record and inspection searches. However when FID 8403-Multi Agency Switch is enabled, cross-agency search fields (Agency and Status Type) may display in search forms where cross agency searches are not supported, and will only return results from a single agency (the agency you are currently logged in to).

    The records search page now includes an Agency column, so that you can sort records by agency. The Agency column only displays in multi-agency environments (FID 8403-Multi Agency Switch is enabled).

Cross-agency inspection search

Civic Platform enables users to search for inspections across multiple agencies. You’ll need to add the Agency field to your Inspections Search page to enable this functionality, as described in Cross-agency Record Search. The Agency column allows you to sort inspections by agency. You can select multiple agencies in the Agency search field by pressing the Ctrl key while making your selections – or leave the Agency field blank to search across all agencies. The Agency field is only available in multi-agency environments; it is not available in single-agency environments.

Navigation aids

  • To aid in navigating and orientation, the agency ID now displays on all pages within Civic Platform in multi-agency environments.

  • When you open the records page, Civic Platform creates a new space for it in the sidebar. To navigate back to the records list after opening a record, simply click the Records space. Civic Platform remembers your place in the list and returns you to the page you last visited in the records list.