Supervisor Override

Supervisors can override Civic Platform's license renewal process that prevents citizens from renewing licenses when they have outstanding fees. For example, a citizen might have outstanding fees when they come to the agency for a license renewal. In this case, the citizen cannot renew the license because of the fee violation. However, if they pay the fees and submit proof of payment to the cashier, a supervisor can authorize the renewal of the license in real-time.

To allow a supervisor to override a blocked license renewal, a supervisor role must be designated by the Civic Platform administrator and the supervisor override functionality must be enabled for the renewal record type. For details about the required configuration, see Civic Platform Administration Guide > Configuring the Supervisor Override.

Assuming the supervisor override feature is enabled and the supervisor role is set up, if an application or license to be renewed has unpaid fees, Civic Platform shows the following prompt when a cashier clicks the Renew button:

To override the renewal error, a user with the supervisor role can enter his/her username and password, click Authorize, and enter an override reason. When the supervisor clicks Submit, the renewal process is unblocked and continues to create the renewal record.

For more information about license renewal, see Civic Platform Administration Guide > License Renewal.