Plotting Addresses on the Map

Back-office users can plot selected addresses on the map and see the address records while viewing the map.
To plot addresses on the map:
  1. From the Civic Platform dashboard, open Addresses.

  2. From an address list, select the addresses you want to plot, and click GIS:


    The map displays the plotted addresses or associated parcels and a Contents panel on the right. The Contents panel lists the plotted addresses and parcel IDs associated with each address:



    Note the following:
    • Parcels associated to the address are highlighted based on the address-parcel relationship.
    • If there is no address-parcel relationship, the address is plotted based on the X-Y coordinate.
    • If there is no address-parcel relationship, and the X-Y coordinates are non-existent or invalid, the address is geocoded based on the geocoding configuration in the Accela GIS Administration site.
    • Address intersections are not yet supported. Address geocoding is currently used to plot the geographic coordinates of address intersections on the map.
    • If any of the selected addresses from the list could not be plotted on the map because they do not exist in the GIS database, a message window appears with the list of unplotted addresses. For example:

  3. On the Contents panel, you can:
    • Hover your mouse over an address to highlight it on the map. If there is a parcel associated with the address, the parcel is highlighted.

    • Click an address link to see the address details:

      To go back to the plotted map, click the current Addresses workspace icon.
  4. To go back from the map to the Addresses list, click the back arrow: