Using the Map to Create Inspections

From the map dashboard, inspectors can select parcels or addresses on the map, select records, and schedule inspections. Accela GIS also allows multiple inspections to be created on multiple records in the same transaction.



Creating inspections from the map

To create inspections from a map:
  1. Open the Map dashboard.

  2. Open the Layers widget to make sure the Parcel layer is selectable on your map view:

  3. Select the parcels for inspection:

    The GIS Objects panel displays the selected parcels.

  4. On the Actions menu, select Show Records:

    The Records panel shows the assets, parcels, or records associated to the selected GIS objects.

  5. Expand the Records list to select the records to be inspected:

    Note: The checkbox is disabled for a record that is closed.
  6. After selecting the records, click Actions > Create Inspections:

    Note: The Actions menu is disabled until you select a record.

    The Inspections window displays the selected records.

  7. On the Inspections window, enter the inspection parameters such as inspection type, and click Schedule Inspections:

  8. Review the inspection details, edit as necessary, and click Submit to schedule the inspection:

  9. Click OK on the confirmation window:

Note the following:

  • The check box next to a record is disabled if the record status is closed.

  • The Action menu is disabled until a record is selected.



The Create Inspections action command requires that the user (or user group) is configured with the FID 8400-Manage Inspections permission.