Importing Parcels from GIS to a Set

Civic Platform back-office users can use GIS Import to locate parcels on a map and add them to a set.

To import parcels from GIS into a parcel set:
  1. From the Civic Platform dashboard, navigate to Sets > Parcels .

  2. Click the parcel set to which you want to add parcels from GIS:

  3. On the parcel set, click Set Member, and click GIS Import:

  4. When the map opens, you can zoom, pan, or use the search bar to locate the parcels you intend to add to the set.
    Note: Use the Layers widget to make sure the Parcels layer is selectable:

  5. Use the selection tool to select the GIS parcels on the map:

    The GIS Objects panel shows your selected GIS parcels. You can adjust your selection on the GIS Objects panel.

  6. After you have finished your selection on the GIS Objects panel, click Actions > Send GIS Features:

    Note the following:
    • If multiple GIS parcels are selected, the Reference Parcel List window displays the associated reference parcels.

      Only active reference parcels can be added to a set. If a parcel GIS parcel is selected and it is not linked to a reference parcel, it cannot be added to the set.

    • If there is only one reference parcel associated with the selected GIS parcel, the Reference Parcel List will not be displayed.

    • You can also select the Send GIS Feature command from the What's Here menu:

    • The Send GIS Feature action currently only works with parcel sets. The Send GIS Feature action is not enabled when used in other contexts outside of a parcel set.

  7. If you selected multiple GIS parcels that have multiple reference parcels, select the reference parcels to be added to the parcel set from the Reference Parcel List, and click Select:

  8. Click OK on the confirmation window.

    The map stays open in case you intend to locate and add more parcels to the set.

  9. After your selection is complete, click the Back arrow on the map to go back to the Set Members list:

    The Set Members list shows the newly added reference parcels: