Working with Form Portlets

This portlet displays a form with fields that provide details about a single object such as a permit, service request, or address. Some fields contain editable information. Fields may require users to enter only numbers or only dates. A field may also require users to choose an option from a drop-down list. Use the form portlet to search for existing records in your system or to create new records. The image below is an example of form portlet structure.


Drop-down list options which are no longer available when creating new records, continue to appear as valid selections for fields in the following sections of the records where they appear:

Address, Parcel and Owner (APO) Template

Application-Specific Information (ASI), Task-Specific Info (TSI), and People Template pages

ASI, People, Asset Attribute, and Asset Condition Assessment Attribute tables

This availability enables agencies to maintain historical continuity when working with older records or modifying historical data.

Figure: Form Portlet

A Portlet title. Indicates the current portlet and displays the record number you are working with.
B Toolbar. Use the action buttons to perform tasks. Common toolbar buttons include New, Search, Edit, Refresh, Delete, Print, and Help.
C Tab scroll buttons. Click the Go To button or the arrow buttons at either end of the record detail tabs to display additional portlet tabs
D Date picker. Click the calendar icon to choose a date from a pop-up calendar when completing date fields.
E Down arrow button. Click the down arrow to view a drop-down list.