Working with External Addresses

External addresses are from external data source. Your system administrator can configure Civic Platform in a way that allows you to associate external addresses with records, assets or PM Schedules. When you search records, assets, or asset condition assessments, you may search by their associated external addresses.

In the Address portlet, you can search and open the details of an external address, and view the records, assets and PM schedules that are associated with it in the Record List tab, the Assets tab, and the PM Schedules tab.

To add external address to a record, asset or a PM schedule

  1. Navigate to the Address tab in the Record, Assets or PM Schedules portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the Address list page.

  2. Click Look Up. and enter search criteria to locate an external address.

  3. Select the external address you plan to add to the record, asset, or PM schedule.

  4. Click Select.

    Civic Platform adds the external address to the record, asset or PM schedule.