Viewing PM Schedules for an Address

You can view the list of PM schedules that a given address is linked to.

To view PM schedules for an address

  1. Navigate to the Address portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the Address list page.

  2. Select the address which you want to view the linked PM schedules.

    Civic Platform displays the detail portlet for the address.

  3. Click the PM Schedules tab.

    Civic Platform displays the PM Schedules list with all the PM schedules to which the address is linked.

    Most fields in the list are standard PM schedule fields (see Preventative Maintenance Schedule Fields). A few additional fields, as described below, give more information on the PM schedules with the address.

    Last Date The Schedule Date of the last work order for this address.
    Next Date This field equals to the Next Schedule Date configured in the PM schedule.
    Previous Work Order Number The number of the work order that is generated most recently by the PM schedule for the address.