Viewing and Editing an Asset Condition Assessment

You can modify assessment records as needed. For example, you can attach documents and images (see Managing Asset Condition Assessment Attachments), you link work orders to the assessment (see Associating a Work Order to an Asset Condition Assessment), and you can reschedule the assessment (see Rescheduling an Asset Condition Assessment).

  1. Navigate to the Asset Condition Assessment portlet and use search to locate the assessment record you want to work with. See for information about using Search.

    Civic Platform displays the Asset Condition Assessment list portlet.

  2. Click the Condition Assessment ID link for the assessment you want to view.

    The Asset Condition Assessment ID detail portlet displays.

  3. Modify the Assessment Detail fields as needed. See Asset Condition Assessment Detail Fields for field definitions.


    The following fields are not editable: Asset ID, Asset Group, Asset Type, Class Type, and Condition Assessment.

  4. Click Submit.