Viewing a Condition History

You can check the history to view the following information about a condition: current status, when updates occurred, or what changes occurred. You can also view condition history via the audit log. See Audit Logs for more information.

To view a condition history

  1. Navigate to the record portlet you are working in and use Search to locate the record you want to work with. See Using the Search Features for more information about conducting a search.

    Civic Platform displays a record list.

  2. Open the record containing the condition history you want to view.

    Civic Platform displays the record detail portlet.

  3. Click the Conditions tab.

    Civic Platform displays conditions for the selected permit on the record tab.

  4. Click the condition name link.

    Civic Platform displays condition details for the selected permit.

  5. Click the Condition History tab.

    Civic Platform displays the condition history for the selected permit.