Using the Valuation Calculator

Civic Platform includes an automatic valuation calculator for job values. This value is unique for each application. Civic Platform calculates total valuation based on user entry and pre-defined unit cost. The job value for an individual application is the sum of all valuations for that application.


Occupancies are pre-defined by your agency administrator. Occupancies can include residences, banks, auditoriums, intended developments, and building materials.

In addition to user entry of valuations, your agency administrator can set up valuations for pre-defined items such buildings or types of work. Civic Platform calculates the total job value for a project by using either type of valuation singly or by using a group of valuations. Civic Platform then calculates or adjusts any fees as appropriate.

When you need to do so, you can edit or delete the individual valuations that make up the total job value. Any changes that you make to the total job value can affect assessed fees. Your changes do not, however, affect invoiced fees.

Some agencies provide application specific fields that contractors can use to supply an estimated job value. If your agency collects this information, you can choose which value - system-calculated or contractor-provided - when assessing fees.


This statement applies only to the fee items with a fee formula that incorporates a job value. Your agency administrator sets up fee items and determines which fee formula to use.

Adding Valuations

As users assess fees for new jobs, you can add to add new valuations to your system. A job valuation lets you determine or estimate the market value for a certain type of occupancy.


Although you can make any adjustments by using the Valuation Calculator to change the total job value after you invoice fees, your changes do not affect fees that you have already invoiced, nor do they affect the total invoice amount. Your changes affect any fees that you have assessed but have not yet invoiced.

For example, a Type I apartment complex can include only one bedroom unit and have a value that is less than Type III apartments, which include additional bedrooms and other amenities. A job value also reflects the value of the work that must occur for occupancy. For example, a Type III apartment complex might require a certain number of man-hours to complete, or a certain type of building materials.

To add a valuation

  1. Open the record you want to work with and locate the application on which you want to assess fees.

    Civic Platform displays the application details.

  2. Click the Valuation Calc tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Valuation Calc details.

  3. Click Add.

    Civic Platform adds a new row to the list of occupancies.

  4. Complete the fields with data as available. See Valuation Calculator Fields for field descriptions.

  5. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform saves the valuation.