Updating Work Order PM Schedules

Some users can modify maintenance schedule details from the Work Order portlet, depending on individual user privileges (see your agency administrator for information about your user privileges).

To update a work order PM schedule

  1. Navigate to the Work Order portlet and use search to locate the work order you want to work with. See Using the Search Features for information about performing searches.

    Civic Platform returns a list of all work orders that match your search parameters.

  2. Click the Work Order ID to open the work order record that you want to update.

    Civic Platform displays the work order details on the record tabs.

  3. Click the PM Schedule tab.

    Civic Platform displays the details of the PM schedule for the selected work order.

  4. Based on your user privileges, you may or may not be able to edit the maintenance schedule details. If the fields are editable, update any of the fields that apply.

    For a description of the fields, see Preventative Maintenance Schedule Fields.

    If the work order does not reference a PM schedule, Civic Platform displays the following message: “The Work Order hasn’t been referred by PM Schedules.”

  5. If you modified any fields, click Submit.

    Civic Platform updates the work order with the PM Schedule information.