Tracking Work Order Production

Civic Platform provides a way for an agency to track Work Order Production information. This feature allows an agency to anticipate realistic expectations for a work crew with realistic estimated costs for completion. Once the actual work order cost is entered into Civic Platform, the actual data is compared against a defined estimated standard. As a result, the costs and crew performance for a Work Order can be compared on an equal basis to the costs and crew performance of another Work Order. The agency can take this information, review it, and apply it to problem solve, budget, and plan.

In order to incorporate Work Order Tracking for your agency, the system administrator must set up the defined standards for the Work Order Types, and set other configurations such as FIDs and enabling a Standard Choice. Once this is complete, enter the work order production information in the designated fields and the calculations for tracking functions properly.


Implementing Work Order Production Tracking

Begin using the Work Order production tracking by entering data for the work order in the appropriate production fields.

To implement Work Order Production Tracking

  1. Go to the Work Orders portlet from the Home or Work Order console tab.

  2. Click New for a new work order or choose an existing work order from the Record list.

  3. Complete the work order fields. Please refer to Work Order Fields for a complete list of fields.

    1. If the default value for Est. Prod. Units is incorrect, enter the appropriate value.

    2. When closing the work order or each days activity, update production information in the Actual Prod. Units field.

  4. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform validates the Actual Prod. Units and Est. Prod. Units fields, then the record is saved in production history.

Recalculating the Work Order Production

If the agency decides to change some of the default or estimated standard values for a Work Order Type, existing work orders can be recalculated to reflect the change. By doing this, the ability to compare work order production crews from work order to work order remains consistent and constant. If you want to make the changes to the default or estimated standard values, contact the system administrator.

To Recalculate the Work Order Production

  1. Go to Work Orders portlet from the Home or Work Order console tab.

    Civic Platform displays a list of work orders in the portlet.

  2. Select the work order(s) you want to recalculate.

  3. Hover over the Menu button and choose Recalculate from the menu.

    Civic Platform executes the calculations and a new record for production history is created.

Viewing Work Order Production History

Civic Platform provides the ability to track the production history for work orders. This allows the agency to track recalculations and may assist in the ability to anticipate the inflation rate. This information may also assist in reviewing and comparing production crew proficiency during different times of the year.

To view a Work Order Production History

  1. Go to the Work Order portlet from the Home or Work Order console tab.

  2. Select the work order that you wish to review production history from the list.

  3. Navigate to the detail portlet for the work order and click the Production History tab.

    Civic Platform displays the work order production history.