Time Accounting Overview

Use the Time Accounting module to track the amount of time spent in performing your daily tasks, the descriptions and costs of materials used while performing those tasks, and the usage of vehicles related to the tasks performed.

Time Accounting information is captured in two contexts.

  • Time and materials that are required to process applications. As employees log their activity in the time accounting tracker, the agency can calculate the fees and charges and apply them to the application in “real time”. For example, an agency can track the time a user spends on a particular process or group of processes.

  • Agencies can record costs relating to time and materials that are not directly related to processing any specific information. This information is entered for reporting purposes only.

Users access to functionality is set by the agency administrator. There are three user levels: administrator, supervisor, and user. Users with administrator privileges can view and edit any records for which any other user has access. Supervisors can view and edit any records within their user group. Users without administrator or supervisor privileges can only view or edit their own records.

The Access Mode column allows the administrator to inform the current user what type of access the user has to each time an entry type displayed in the list. Valid values are:

N User cannot delete or make changes to the entry.
D User may delete this entry.
E User can make changes to any of the fields that are not displayed as read-only.
DE The user may delete this entry or make changes to any of the fields that are not displayed as read-only.