Submitting a Partially Completed Record

Agency users can submit partially completed applications, which enables them to process payments, generate deficiency letters, and perform other activities.

Agency administrators can configure Civic Platform so that users can defer validation on partially completed records (see "Enabling Submittal of Partially Completed Applications" in the Civic Platform Administrator Guide). When you submit a record without validation, Civic Platform sets a Pending Validation flag on the newly created record. Civic Platform also creates a "Generated by Cloning" flag which defaults to No.

To defer the validation of a record

  1. Create a record based on an application (see Creating a Record). Complete the fields for which you have information; leave blank any fields for which information is missing.

  2. Click Submit.

    If the record contains incomplete fields Civic Platform displays this message:

    “Validation failed. Do you still want to submit the record?”

  3. Click OK to submit the record without validation.

  4. When you receive the missing information and/or missing documentation for the application, enter it into the record’s required fields, and satisfy any conditions of approval on the record.

  5. When you are ready to validate the application, navigate to the Workflow tab and update the status accordingly.

    In this example, the administrator set the workflow task status that triggers the validation of the application to the Application Acceptance task, Accepted status.

    Update the workflow for the Application Acceptance task to Accepted, as shown below.

  6. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform displays the following message:

    Workflow cannot be updated until the application has been validated. Click OK to open the application form for validation or Cancel to abort the action.

  7. Click OK.

    The application form displays.

  8. Click Validate.

    Scroll through the application and verify that all required fields are complete, then click Submit.

    When Civic Platform successfully validates the record, the workflow status updates to Accepted.