Specifying Report Parameters

When an agency administrator sets up a report, she can elect to include Accela-provided parameters which do not require user input. She can also elect to include parameter prompts, which allow you to define certain parameters for a report when you run it.

When Civic Platform prompts you to specify parameters, you have the opportunity to filter the data used in the report. For example, when running a report for a list of inspections, Civic Platform may prompt you to specify a start date and an end date. When you provide dates, you are telling Civic Platform to filter the inspections used in the report to include only those that fall within the start and end date range that you entered.

Civic Platform parameter prompts may prompt you to select from drop-down lists, check one or more boxes, or enter dates using a date picker. Follow the directions in the parameter prompt window to proceed.

If your agency uses a reporting service such as Crystal Reports, your agency administrator may set up a parameter prompt window provided by the reporting service. Not all reporting services support drop-down lists, check boxes, or date pickers. Instead, the reporting service may require you to enter parameter values exactly as stored in the database. For information on the values to use for reporting service parameter prompts, contact your agency administrator.