Set Overview

The Set function enables you organize multiple records, parcels, addresses, and/or licensed professionals into a group, or set, and then use the group for batch processing. For example, you can use a set to simultaneously update several records at the same time. Other functionality includes generating reports and running scripts for all set members in the set.

The Set portlet displays a tab for each set type and provides set details that accommodate the functionality for each. Although the portlets for each set type are similar, some functionality only applies to specific set types. All set types can accommodate conditions, the execution of scripts, and the running of reports. Agencies can configure Civic Platform so that users can generate a record or a record set from a parcel set.

You can also combine record sets to create a “set of sets,” which enables you to engage in set analysis, fee analysis, and payment processing for multiple record sets simultaneously.

Your agency administrator must configure this functionality before it is available for use.