Running a Report on an Audit Set

After you have a set of records or inspections that match your audit set parameters, you can run reports on the set of records.


Your agency administrator must configure any report you want available to run on an audit set. Contact your agency administrator with any questions about the reports available for random audits.

To run a report on an audit set

  1. Locate the audit set for which you want to run a report.

    1. Navigate to the Sets portlet.

    2. Click the Random Audit tab.

    3. In the list of audit sets, click the link to the set you want under the Set ID column.

      Civic Platform displays the random audit set list tab and detail tab.

  2. In either the Set or Set Member tab, hover over the Reports button to display a list of available reports.

  3. Click the name of the report you want to run.

    The report engine runs the report and downloads a copy to your machine. A pop-up window displays the Send Email button.

  4. Click Send Email to send a copy of the report by email.

    Civic Platform displays a pop-up window to configure email settings.

  5. Select one or both of the options.

    All set member Records’ contacts This sends the report via email to all contacts associated with each record in the audit set.
    Other This sends the report via email to recipients you designate. Enter email addresses in the provided textbox. Separate email addresses with a semicolon.
  6. Click Submit.