Running a Report

Process and print any report that your system administrator makes available to you, such as the Work Order report. Many agencies run custom reports that are designed for business practices. Some reports require specific report criteria. For example, you may need to identify the work order type, user group, dates, or other information. Because reports may differ, contact your system administrator or your supervisor if you have questions about a particular report.

To run a report from a work order

  1. Navigate to the Work Order portlet and select a Work Order. You can use Search to locate a particular work order..

  2. From the Work Order detail portlet, choose the report you want to run.

    • If you want to run the Work Order report, click the printer button and choose the report name from the drop-down list.

    • For all reports, choose Menu > Report, then choose the report name from the list that displays.

      Civic Platform displays a list of available reports to run.

  3. Enter parameter information for your report.

    The parameter information varies by report. If you have questions about this form, or are uncertain of the criteria to include, contact your supervisor or your system administrator.

  4. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform generates the form in a PDF document that you can print using your browser’s print controls.