Records Overview

Each of the entries in a list portlet is referred to as a record. Civic Platform users may work with many types of records in their daily duties. Records include objects such as applications, cases, licenses, permits, service requests, and work orders.

About Application Records

An application gives an applicant official permission to initiate a process, such as a permit application to build a structure or change an existing building in some way. The initial application lets your agency gather any necessary information, such as applicant information, contact information, work descriptions, addresses, and other details. Your system administrator can set up various types of applications to help you gather and manage the different data that you need to collect for each type of application that your agency uses.

Agencies typically incorporate an application process into a departmental workflow, which ensures consistency by defining tasks to complete, and assigning personnel to those tasks.

After an application is submitted, it continues to play a central role in the building and inspection process, as well as with the associated fees and contacts involved. You can search for applications and update them with new information, you can enter inspection results, you can run reports, and you can manage financial transactions inherent to the application process.

If your agency has access to data from another Accela permitting system such as Kiva or ‘PERMITS’ Plus, your agency can set up the application process to retrieve reference data from those systems, and add it to new applications. Contact your Accela administrator for information about the resources available to you.

About Service Request Records

A service request is a request within an agency to perform a task or service for its citizens and employees. For example, a citizen calls about potholes in need of repair or an agency inspector approves the plumbing in a new building, and then requests that the agency turn on the water for the building. A service request can be any request by a person for any type action for which the agency is responsible.

Civic Platform allows you to update service request information and access additional service request features. You can view or update service request tasks, assign service requests to other users, or create new service requests.