Printing a Map

To print a map, click the Print icon . Printing a map will export the map to a selected format. To send the map to a printer, send the exported file to the printer. The following table describes the print options:

Table 1. Print options
Map Title The map title appears at the top of the page. The maximum number of characters is 85.
Layout The page size and orientation.
Format The file format to export to: PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG 8-bit, PNG 32-bit, SVG, and SVGZ (compressed).
Advanced > Map scale/extent Choose either the current map scale, default map extent, or a forced scale. Click the
current scale
link to determine the current map scale number and adjust it as needed.
Advanced > Layout metadata The Author and Copyright information. In addition, select the Include legend checkbox to display the map legend.
Advanced > MAP_ONLY size The Width and Height (in pixels) dimensions of the map.
Advanced > Print quality The DPI (dots per inch) number to specify the print resolution.