Printing an Asset

Asset details or an asset list can be printed using Civic Platform. For example, if someone submits an application for a new building, they might need a list of all the water lines and other underground utilities on the parcel. You can search for the assets on the parcel and then print the list. Or you might print the asset details for a truck that needs repair so that you can provide the history and specifications to the mechanic.

To print an asset

  1. Navigate to the Assets portlet and locate the asset record you work with. Click the asset ID link in the Asset ID column.

    Civic Platform displays the asset details.

  2. To print the list of assets, click the Print button above the list.

  3. To print asset details, click the Print button above the record tabs.

    Civic Platform generates a PDF version of either the asset list or the asset details in a new browser window.

  4. Use your browser’s print command to print the asset.

    Depending on what browser you use to view PDF files, you may have the option to save the application PDF to your hard drive or send it as an email attachment.