Part Inventory Overview

Civic Platform allows an agency to track usage and supply of consumable parts using the part inventory. Your agency may be responsible for maintaining assets such as a fleet of trucks. Maintaining a truck requires several different parts, one of these is an oil filter.

The part inventory tracks part availability, identifies where parts in the inventory are located, and identifies approved vendors. As oil filters are used, the available supply is automatically updated. If an agency has three trucks that are in need of an oil change, an oil change work order is generated. By using the part inventory you can find the total number of oil filters in stock and their location. If more oil filters are needed, you can find an approved vendor to reorder more filters.

All parts are listed in the part inventory list portlet. This portlet displays the part status, type, cost, current total supply, and many other useful details regarding the part. The agency administrator defines the items in the inventory list portlet. For information on setting up part contacts or part locations, please contact your agency administrator.

Your Civic Platform environment and the tasks you perform depend on your agency’s implementation package and the way your agency administrator set up Civic Platform, including access permissions assigned to your Accela User Name.