Managing Attachments Associated with a Professional

Use the Documents tab on a licensed professional record to manage all associated attachments. For more information about working with attachments, see Looking Up People Attachments to Associate with Records

Any attachment associated with a licensed professional record can be added to a record which is associated with that licensed professional. For more information, see Attachments. Note that after you add a document from a licensed professional to one or more records, Civic Platform forbids you from deleting the documents in the licensed professional.

To download multiple documents, choose the documents and click Manage Documents > Download. Note that the Civic Platform administrator must grant Upload and Download permission on the Administration > Agency Profile > Security Policy > EDMS Access Security > {EDMS-Name} to enable multiple document downloads.

To print multiple documents, choose the documents and click Manage Documents > Print. Note that the Print option only shows if the Civic Platform administrator has configured FID 8508 Print Multiple Documents with Full Access.

If an external inspector uses Citizen Access to upload inspection results in the form of a CSV file, you can find that file in the Documents tab for the licensed professional associated with the inspector.

To update inspection results according to a CSV file

  1. Navigate to the Licensed Professional portlet and select the licensed professional you want to work with.

    Civic Platform displays the Licensed Professional Details.

  2. Click the Documents tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Document list portlet.

  3. Select the CSV file that an external inspector uploaded and you have reviewed.

  4. Click Result Inspections.

    Civic Platform updates inspection results based on the contents of the CSV file. If the CSV file contains more than 200 inspections, Civic Platform automatically creates a batch job named Result Inspection with CSV to handle the volume.

    After the update process is complete, Civic Platform changes the document status of the CSV file to Executed. Meanwhile, Citizen Access may display an announcement of the update completion to the external inspector if configured to do so. If any inspections failed to update, Civic Platform generates a log file that lists all the failed inspections.