Looking Up People Attachments to Associate with Records

If a record is associated with a contact or licensed professional to which you or other users already uploaded a document, you can associate a document (people attachment) from the contact or licensed professional to the record. This way, the document not only appears in the people attachments list, but also in the record attachments list.

To look up a people attachment to associate with a record

  1. Navigate to the Records portlet.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Create a new record, associate one or more contacts or licensed professional with the record, and then locate the Documents section in the application intake form.

    • If the record you want to work with already exists, use Search to locate and select the record, and click the Documents tab.

  3. Click Look Up.

    Civic Platform displays a list of the documents from the record-associated contacts and license professionals that have not been added to the record yet.


    Civic Platform checks your agency’s EDMS security settings and only displays the documents that you have permission to view.

  4. Select the documents you want to add to the record, and click Select.

    Civic Platform adds the selected document to the record documents list, populates the following document settings from the source contacts or licensed professionals to the record document: File Name (Document Name), Description, Document Group/Category, Department, Uploaded By/On, Size, Document Status/Status Date, Type, Modified By/Date, Source, and template fields.

  5. Modify the document settings if needed.

    • If you associate the document with a new record in the application intake form, you can modify the following fields: Document Group/Category, Description, Department, template fields, and assign virtual folders to the document.

    • If you associate the document with an existing record, you can open the Document Information window for the document, and modify the following fields: ACA Permissions (default: follow document type security), Document Group/Category, Description, Department, Status, template fields, and assign virtual folders to the document.