Linking Addresses to PM Schedules

You can link a PM schedule to one or more street addresses as needed. For example, you can create a PM schedule for a series of property inspections, linking the schedule to a group of property addresses rather than to a group of assets.

To link an address to a PM schedule

  1. Navigate to the PM Schedule portlet and use Search to locate and open the schedule you want to work with. See Searching for a PM Schedule for more information.

    Civic Platform displays the PM schedule details on the record tabs.

  2. Click the Linked Address tab.

    Civic Platform displays the addresses associated with the selected PM schedule.

  3. Click Lookup.

    Civic Platform displays a search form.

  4. Enter search criteria as needed to locate the address you are searching for.

  5. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform displays the addresses matching your search parameters.

  6. Select the addresses that you want to link to the PM schedule.

  7. Click Select.

    Civic Platform links the selected addresses to the PM schedule and displays the updated linked address list portlet.