License Overview

You can use Civic Platform to handle a variety of different types of licenses. For example, an electrician needs an electrical license, a refrigerator repair man might need a mechanical license, a doctor must have a medical license, a business owner must have an operating license, and everyone who drives needs a drivers license.

When you work with licenses, you might need to perform a number of tasks. You might create new license applications, renew existing licenses, edit contact information, collect educational data, review the workflow and condition history, and more. In addition, you can add invoiced fees, take in payments, or check related payment history.

Agency administrators can configure the process for accepting license applications. If the applicant for a license is an Citizen Access public user, an agency administrator can accept or reject a license manually.

If your agency uses the PERMITS Plus permitting system, your agency administrator can configure certain Civic Platform list portlets so you can associate a PERMITS Plus APD to a Civic Platform record. This association enables you to view and search for associated APDs from the Civic Platform Licenses module.