Filtering Audit Log Data

You can use the filter functionality in the audit log to display only the data that interests you. Most audit logs in Accela Civic Platform present you with the same filter options. A few offer additional filter options. See Available Audit Logs for a list of audit logs. If additional filter options are available for an audit log, Civic Platform lists the additional filters in the Notes column.

To filter audit log data

  1. Access the audit log you want to work in. See Accessing Audit Logs for more information.

    The audit log window displays.

  2. If the Audit Type filter is available, select an audit type from the drop-down list.

  3. Use the additional filter fields to further define which historical data you want to view. See Audit Log Buttons and Filter Options for a list of filter options and filter definitions.

  4. Click Filter.

    Civic Platform updates the data record list to reflect your filter settings.


    To restore the original view, clear the filter fields and click the Filter button again. You can also close and re-open the audit log window.