Executing a Script for Sets

Civic Platform provides the ability to run a pre-configured EMSE (event manager and script engine) script from the Set detail portlet on set members for record, parcel, address, and licensed professional sets.


This feature requires an agency administrator to set the relevant Function Identifications (FIDs) to Full Access and configure the related Standard Choices for each set type.

If you have problems executing a script, contact your agency administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Set portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the portlet.

  2. Click the set type tab which holds the applicable set.

  3. Choose the set to which you want to execute a script.

    Civic Platform displays the set details.

  4. Click the Set tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Set Status form portlet.

  5. Click Execute Script.

  6. Select a script from the drop-down list.

    Civic Platform executes the script on all set members.