Examining Activity Details

The following table lists and defines fields that may be available as you work with activities.

Label Description
Activity Name* The name of the activity.
Activity Number The activity number as assigned by Civic Platform.
Assigned to Department The department responsible for addressing the activity.
Assigned to Staff - Check Availability The staff assigned to address the activity. The Check Availability link, when clicked, shows the availability of the assigned to staff based on all their scheduled calendar events.
Start Date* The beginning date of the activity.
Due Date The due date for the activity.
Priority The priority level for the completion of the activity.
Type The type of activity. Civic Platform may associate some activity types with an activity specific info group. In such cases, subgroup fields display automatically below the activity fields.
Activity Status This is the status of the activity.
Description A description of the activity.
Internal Only* Indicates whether the record is for internal use only.