Enforcement Overview

You can collect, manage, and resolve enforcement cases concerning complaints and violations against specific individuals, properties, owners, contractors, or businesses. Based on the severity of a violation, you can issue a citation. Civic Platform stores citations that users create, along with any collected evidence, in the appropriate case record along with court dates and defendant information.

Use Case

A citizen registers a complaint about an abandoned vehicle on private property. The complaint routed to code enforcement for the police to check for involvement in criminal activity. The police discover the vehicle is being stored illegally on private property. Code enforcement issues a citation for trespassing and abandoning a vehicle to the vehicle owner, and they schedule a hearing date for the defendant to appear in court. Pictures of the car and the car contents might be used at the hearing to support the legal claim. Between the time of the citation and the hearing, the car and the pictures might be held at various locations for investigation. Civic Platform tracks and stores this information for each case.