Editing a SmartChart

If your SmartChart is not displaying the exact information you want, you can modify it to suit your needs. By customizing your SmartCharts, you can more effectively and quickly get the information that you need.

To edit a SmartChart

  1. Navigate to the portlet you want to work in.

  2. Select SmartChart from the Menu drop-down list.

    Civic Platform displays a thumbnail of the default SmartChart to the right of the list.

  3. To view a full-size SmartChart, click on the SmartChart thumbnail.


    You must have installed Sun browser plug-in JVM version 1.4 or newer to view a full-size SmartChart.

  4. Use the drop-down list that displays above the SmartChart to choose the SmartChart you want to work with.

    If the drop-down list is empty, you can create a new SmartChart (See Creating a New SmartChart).

  5. Choose Edit from the SmartChart portlet menu.

    Civic Platform displays a form you can use to edit the SmartChart.

  6. Modify data as needed.

    For a description of the fields, see SmartChart Fields.

  7. Click Submit.

  8. To close the SmartChart thumbnail, click Cancel.