Customizing Record Detail Menus

The record detail tabs by default include every built-in tab items that Civic Platform provides. However, your agency administrator may have defined custom tab menu. Then you only view the tab items related with your tasks in the detail tabs.

Civic Platform provides easy access to tab items with the Go To drop-down menu in record detail portlets.

To access tab items from the Go To menu

  1. Navigate to the form portlet you want to work in, such as the Building portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the portlet.

  2. Click a record link in the Building portlet

    Civic Platform displays the detail portlet for the selected record.

  3. Hover your mouse cursor on the Go To button, and select the tab item you want from the drop-down list.

    • If the detail tabs already include the tab item, the tab item becomes the current tab in the detail tabs.

    • If the detail tabs do not include the tab item, the tab item appears to the right of the detail tabs and becomes the current tab.