Creating a Time Accounting Record

You can create a new time accounting record for each application. You can create records for multiple applications at one time. For example, an inspector completes four electrical inspections, and enters the documentation for all four at one time.

You can access the time accounting portlet from the home page, or from an entity (for example, a record, or a condition assessment).

To create a Time Accounting record

  1. Open the Time Accounting portlet using one of the following approaches:

    • Navigate to the Time Accounting portlet.


      If you want to add time accounting for inspections or workflow with the enhanced time tracker feature, you must take this approach. The workflow or inspection portlet only allows you to record the time spent.

    • Navigate to the record portlet, open the record you want to add time accounting, and then click the Time Accounting button in the Record tab.

    • Navigate to the Record portlet, open the detail form for an activity in a record, and then click the Time Accounting button.

    • Navigate to the Condition Assessment portlet, open the condition assessment you want to add time accounting, and then click the Time Accounting button in the Detail tab.

    • Navigate to the Work Order portlet, go to the Work Order Task tab, and click the link in the Time Accounting column at a work order task.

  2. Click New.

    Civic Platform displays the time accounting entry form.

  3. Complete the fields with available data. See Time Accounting Fields for field definitions.

  4. As necessary and if available, you can directly add equipment costs and material costs that occurred during the time accounting period.

    1. Click Add in the Equipment/Materials section.

      Civic Platform adds a new row to the list of equipment/materials cost.

    2. Complete the fields with available data. See Equipment and Material Cost Fields for a list of fields and definitions.

    3. Click either Add to add more rows, or select a row and click Remove to remove it.

  5. To add another record, click Add, and repeat steps 3 and 4.

    Civic Platform adds another time accounting record in the detail portlet.

  6. Select the records you want to save, and click Submit.

    Civic Platform saves the time accounting records.