Contacts Overview

Use the Contacts tab to add, maintain, and view information about the people associated with an application. There are two classes of contacts:

  • Reference contacts

    A reference contacts is a contact record that is stored in the database, independent of any application or record. You can search for and associate reference contact data when you are completing an application or form. When you associate a reference contact, all of the data for that contact populates automatically into application. This not only saves time, but improves accuracy across multiple applications. You can add reference contacts independent of individual records and applications, build relationships between reference contacts, merge reference contact records, and more. Because reference contacts

  • Transactional record contacts

    A transactional record contact is what we call a contact once it has been added to a record or application, either manually, or by using reference contact information. It is important to distinguish between transactional contacts and reference contacts, because transactional contact data is pertinent to that contact only, whereas reference contact data is pertinent to any new or existing record where that data may appear.