Cloning a Set

You can create a set service request by cloning an existing set service request. Customize the way that Civic Platform clones the set by completing the associated fields and check boxes.

To clone a set

  1. Navigate to the Set portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the portlet.

  2. Select the set you want to clone.

  3. Click Clone.

    Civic Platform displays the Clone Set portlet.

  4. Enter available data in the fields. See Set Cloning Field Descriptions for field definitions.

  5. Click Submit.

    Based on your selection, Civic Platform may ask if you are cloning a fee or a parcel.

  6. If you select fees, click OK to accept the fee to the new record in the set.

    If you select parcels or addresses on each record, select the parcel or address that you want to clone and click Submit.

  7. Click Return.