Associating an Address with a Public User

Once you have created addresses, you can use the Associated Public User tab to associate one or more public users to an address, or to disassociate one or more public users from an address.

To associate an address with a public user

  1. Navigate to the Addresses portlet and use Search to locate the address you want to work with.

  2. Click the link in the Street # column for the target address.

    Civic Platform displays the address details.

  3. Click the Associated Public User tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Associated Public User list portlet.

  4. Click Look Up.

    Civic Platform displays the Associated Public User search portlet.

  5. Enter search criteria as needed and click Submit.

    Civic Platform returns a list of public users that meet the search criteria.

  6. Choose the public user whom you want to associate with the address.

  7. Click Connect.

    Civic Platform creates a link between the address and the public user.

  8. If necessary, complete any of these options:

    • To view public user details, click the link for the public user that you want to view.

    • To remove the link between an address and a public user, select the public user you want to remove and then click Delete.