Assigning Inspection Districts to a Record

If a record requires inspection, you can associate an inspection district (or more in rare cases) with the record address or parcel. Later when you schedule inspections for the record, Civic Platform gets the inspection district information in the record. Civic Platform then checks the settings in the inspection calendar for the inspection district to determine which dates and times are available.

To associate inspection districts with a record

  1. Locate and open the record you want to work with. See Using the Search Features for information on using search to locate a record.

    Civic Platform displays the record detail portlet.

  2. Click the Address or Parcel tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Address or Parcel list portlet.

  3. Click the link in the list for the address or parcel you want to view.

    Civic Platform displays the Address Detail tab (or Parcel Detail tab) and a District tab.

  4. Click District.

  5. Click Search.

    Civic Platform displays all the inspection district options.

  6. Select each district that you want to assign to the record.

  7. Click Submit.

Civic Platform returns to the District list, with the new districts added for the record.