Asset Condition Assessments Overview

An asset condition assessment is a scheduled maintenance review and/or a quality review of a group of assets. Agencies may require such assessments for many different asset types such as vehicles, buildings, and water lines. Agencies may set different intervals for different asset types as well. For example, agency vehicles might require safety and emissions inspections yearly, while water lines might require an assessment every three months.

You can configure Civic Platform to assign an inspector when a user schedules an assessment date and time. If the inspector cannot perform the assessment on the scheduled date, you can reschedule as needed.

During an assessment, an inspector may make observations about the condition of the asset. For example, he may go to a certain area to look at the condition of the sidewalk and determine if there any cracks or whether the sidewalk is level. The inspector also looks at the area around the section sidewalk to determine whether trees or brushes block the walking path.

After the inspector completes the assessment, the inspector can log his findings into Civic Platform as an asset condition assessment observation, which he can modify later as more information becomes available. He can attach documents and photos as needed to the asset condition assessment record, and record the assignments and costs that occur on the assessment.