Applying Contacts to a Set

When applying Contacts to a record set, the Contacts are applied to set members simultaneously and displayed on the Contacts tab for the set. For more information about Contacts, see Contacts.


An agency administrator must enable this feature.

To manage contacts for a set

  1. Navigate to the Set portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the portlet.

  2. Verify you are in the record set portlet. If not, click the Records tab.

  3. Choose the set to which you want to apply a contact.

    Civic Platform displays the set details.

  4. Click the Contacts tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Set Contacts list portlet.

  5. Do one of the following tasks

    • Add a new contact:

      1. Click New.

      2. Enter available data, and then click Submit.

    • Associate an existing contact:

      1. Click Look Up.

      2. Enter search criteria and click Submit.

      3. Select one or more contacts, and click Select.

      4. Enter the date that the contact becomes active to all set members, and click OK.

    • Delete a contact:

      1. Select each contact you want to remove, then click Delete.

    • Deactivate a contact:

      1. Select the contact that you want to deactivate on the record.

      2. Click Deactivate.

      3. Enter the date that the contact becomes inactive to all set members, and click OK.