Applying Conditions to a Set

Civic Platform applies conditions to set members just as it does with individual records. When you apply a condition to a set, the action applies to all records within the set simultaneously For more information about conditions, see Conditions.


An agency administrator must enable this feature (see FID 8357 Set Conditions and FID 8352 Parcel Set Create Conditions in the Civic Platform Configuration Reference for more information).

To apply conditions to a set

  1. Navigate to the Set portlet.

    Civic Platform displays the portlet.

  2. Choose the set to which you want to apply a condition.

    Civic Platform displays the set details

  3. Click the Conditions tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Set conditions list portlet.

  4. Click New.

    Civic Platform displays the Set conditions detail portlet.

  5. Enter available data in the fields.

  6. Click Submit.