Standard Choice Configuration

To enable the JavaScript scripting framework with Master Scripts 3.0, configure the following standard choices:
  • MASTER_SCRIPT_DEFAULT_VERSION - Defines the version of master scripts to apply in the scripts.
    Standard Choice Value Value Desc Description <leave blank> Civic Platform provides Master Scripts 3.0 which supports the JavaScript framework.
  • EMSE_EXECUTE_OPTIONS - Specifies whether to invoke JavaScript or Script Control scripts.
    Standard Choice Value Value Desc Description
    SCRIPT <leave blank> Invokes scripts using JavaScript. Mark the Active checkbox.
    STD_CHOICE <leave blank> Invokes scripts using Standard Choice script controls. Although Accela recommends the use of JavaScript, If you intend to maintain scripts using the Standard Choice script controls as well as JavaScript, you can add the STD_CHOICE value. >>QUESTION: What happens if both SCRIPT and STD_CHOICE are configured and activated?
  • EMSE_VARIABLE_BRANCH_PREFIX - Specifies a list of events with their corresponding abbreviation prefixes. Use the specified abbreviation to prefix the event's script filename.

    Standard Choice Value Value Desc Description

    For example, ApplicationConditionAddAfter


    For example, ACAA

    The Value Desc specifies the prefix used by the JavaScript filename. For details about the file naming convention, see Event Script File Naming Convention.

  • MULTI_SERVICE_SETTINGS - Applies to multi-agency administration.

    Standard Choice Value Value Desc Description
    SUPER_AGENCY_FOR_EMSE <superAgencyName> The name of the super-agency which is used by EMSE scripts.
    SUPER_AGENCY_INCLUDE_SCRIPT INCLUDES_CUSTOM_ENTERPRISE Optional includes file for all agencies within a super-agency.

Custom Global Variables

To store custom global variable declarations, in Civic Platform Admin Tool > Events > Scripts, add the INCLUDES_CUSTOM_GLOBALS script. For example:

Linking Events to Master Scripts 3.0

Master Scripts 3.0 are included with Civic Platform release and later. To link a Civic Platform event to one of the Master Scripts 3.0:
  1. Go to Civic Platform Admin Tools > Events > Events.
  2. Search for the event you want to configure.
  3. Select the event to edit it.
  4. On the Script Name dropdown list, scroll down to find its corresponding Master Script -
    The following example shows the ContactAddBefore event linked to the ContactAddBefore Master Script