Updates the workflow task wfstr as follows:

  • Status = wfstat

  • Status Date = current date

  • Status Comment = wfComment

  • Action By = current user




Parameter Type Description
wfstr string Name of workflow task to update.
wfstat string Status to update task to.
wfComment string Comment to update status comment to.
wfnote string Note to update task note to.
wfProcess (optional) string Workflow process that wfstr belongs to.
capId (optional) CapIDModel Record ID object.


The workflow does not promote to the next task. To promote the workflow to the next task, use the closeTask, branchTask or loopTask function.

If record’s workflow contains duplicate wfstr tasks, use parameter wfProcess to specify the process or subprocess whose wfstr to check.

If you use the capId parameter, the function updates the record capId. If you use the capId parameter, you must use the wfProcess parameter by entering a process string or entering the word null.