Parameter Type Description
fcode string Fee code of the fee to be updated/added.
fsched string Fee schedule of the fee to be updated/added.
fperiod string Fee period of the fee to be updated/added.
fqty integer Quantity to be updated/added.
finvoice string Flag for invoicing (“Y” or “N”).
pDuplicate (optional) string Allow duplicate invoiced fee ("Y" or "N").
pFeeSeq (optional) integer Attempts to update a specific fee item.


For an updated fee, the function returns null. For an added fee, the function returns the fee sequence number.


If a fee whose fee code is fcode and fee period is fperiod has been assessed and not invoiced, updates the quantity on the fee to fqty. If invoice is Y, then invoices the fee. If there is more than one assessed fee with fcode and fperiod, updates the first fee found. If the fee is not found, adds the fee.

If this fee already exists and is invoiced, adds another instance of the same fee, unless pDuplicate is N. The duplicate fee has an adjusted quantity, which is fqty less quantity on previous fee.

If you use the pFeeSeq parameter, the function attempts to find the specified fee. If the function does not find the specified fee sequence number, the function adds a new fee based on the pDuplicate fee flag.

Warning: If adjusted quantity can be negative, do not use this function to add a fee. Civic Platform's cashier feature does not handle negative fees well. Set pDuplicate parameter to N.