Parameter Type Description
pLicNum string State license number.
pDateType string Date field to retrieve. Options (use one): EXPIRE, ISSUE, RENEW, INSURANCE, BUSINESS.


Returns the date specified by pDateType for the reference Licensed Professional whose license # is pLicNum. The date returned is a JavaScript Date object.


The table below shows the date returned for each pDateType parameter value.

dateType Date Field Value Returned
EXPIRE License Expiration Date
ISSUE License Issue Date
RENEW License Last Renewal Date
INSURANCE Insurance Expiration Date
BUSINESS Business License Expiration Date

If the function does not find a reference Licensed Professional with license # of pLicNum, the function returns NO LICENSE FOUND. If the function does not find a date, the function returns NO DATE FOUND. If pLicNum is empty, the function returns INVALID PARAMETER. The function skips disabled reference Licensed Professional.

To format a JavaScript Date as a MM/DD/YYYY string, use function jsDateToMMDDYYYY.