Master Script Function List

This section provides reference information for the master script functions.


  • Unless otherwise stated, all function names and parameter values are case sensitive.

  • Enter function parameters in the order listed.


    The name of a function parameter is for descriptive purposes only. The name of the function parameters in this chapter can differ from the name of the corresponding function parameter in the UniversalMasterScript file.

  • For the string data type, enclose the parameter value in double-quotes.

  • Subscripts 1 and n in parameter names (e.g., wfTask1 … wfTaskn) indicate that you can add between one and any number of such parameters, each in double-quotes and separated by commas.

  • This reference shows Boolean values as true or false.

  • This reference does not document internal functions in the master script files.

CapIDModel Type

The master script functions use the CapIDModel type for the capID parameter. Civic Platform Object Model provides additional details on the capID parameter. The EMSE Javadocs contain details on the CapIDModel class. The com.accela.aa.aamain.cap package in the EMSE Javadocs contains the CapIDModel class and defines the constructor for this class as follows.

Parameter Type
serviceProviderCode string
ID1 string
ID2 string
ID3 string
customID string
trackingID long