Looks up the Value Desc for the stdChoiceValue Value in the standard choices called stdChoiceEntry.




Parameter Type Description
stdChoiceEntry string Item name of standard choices used as lookup table.
stdChoiceValue string Standard choices value.
capval number Number value (e.g. valuation) to compare.
valueIndex (optional) integer Determines which value to return. Defaults to 1, the first value.


Compares capval against the series of numbers in the Value Desc. If valueIndex is null or 1, uses the value following the 1st pipe (|) on the matching number's right to calculate the base fee. If valueIndex is 2, usrs the value following the 2nd pipe (|) on the matching number's right to calculate an add on fee.

Set up the standard choices lookup table as follows:

  • Value column = Lookup value.

  • Value Desc column = one or more 3-number series, where

    • 1st number = number to compare compareValue against

    • 2nd number = base fee

    • 3rd number = used to calculate add-on fee

Use a pipe(|) to separate each number. Use a caret(^) to separate each 3-number series.


06  true ^ theBase = lookupFeesByValuation("PlanCheck2007","A-1-Group2",5600) 
07  true ^ theAddOn = lookupFeesByValuation("PlanCheck2007","A-1-Group2",5600,2) 
08  true ^ newTotal = newTotal +(parseFloat(theBase) +parseFloat(theAddOn))