Retrieves all parcel fields (including custom attributes) and adds them to the associative array thisArr.




Parameter Type Description
thisArr array Associative array.
capId (optional) CapIDModel Record ID object for the record from where to copy parcel attributes.


The element name is the field name (prefixed with "ParcelAttribute.") and the element value is the field value. The function includes the following standard parcel fields:

ParcelAttribute.Block ParcelAttribute.LegalDesc
ParcelAttribute.Book ParcelAttribute.Lot
ParcelAttribute.CensusTract ParcelAttribute.MapNo
ParcelAttribute.CouncilDistrict ParcelAttribute.MapRef
ParcelAttribute.ExemptValue ParcelAttribute.ParcelStatus
ParcelAttribute.ImprovedValue ParcelAttribute.SupervisorDistrict
ParcelAttribute.InspectionDistrict ParcelAttribute.Tract
ParcelAttribute.LandValue ParcelAttribute.PlanArea

If the record has multiple parcels, the function only retrieves fields for the last parcel. If the function uses the capId parameter, the function retrieves parcel fields from the record whose record ID object is capId.