Similar to the loadASITable function, except the function creates global variables for each ASI table on the requested record.




Parameter Type Description
capId (optional) CapIDModel Record ID from which to load the table.


You can edit the names of the tables remove whitespace and leading digits, so that they become appropriate JavaScript variables.


if (typeof(PROPERNAMES) == “object”) 
comment(“number of rows in the ‘PROPER NAMES’ table : “ + PROPERNAMES.length) 

Variables are not created for tables that do not have any data, so you must first use the JavaScript typeof operator to check for the presence of the table variable, as shown in the previous example.

By default, all master scripts execute loadASITables.

The loadASITables4ACA performs the same function as loadASITables but it specially works with Citizen Access pageflow scripts.

The loadASITablesBefore is an alternate version of this function that works specifically with the ApplicationSubmitBefore event.