Retrieves field values and customizes attribute values for all contacts and returns them as an array of associative arrays. Each element in the outer array contains an associative array of values for one contact. Each element in each inner associative array is a different field.




Parameter Type Description
capIdFrom (optional) CapIDModel Record ID object for source application.


The following fields are retrieved:

Contact Field Element Name
First Name firstName
Middle Name middleName
Last Name lastName
Business Name businessName
Phone 1 phone1
Phone 2 phone2
Contact Type contactType
Relationship relation
Sequence Number contactSeqNumber
Reference Contact ID refSeqNumber
E-mail email
Address Line 1 addressLine1
Address Line 2 addressLine2
City city
State state
Zip Code zip
Fax fax
Notes notes
Country/Region country
Full Name fullName

All custom attributes are also added to the associative array, where the element name is the attribute name (in upper-case). Note that the attribute name may not be the same as the attribute label.

If the parameter capIdFrom is used, function retrieves contacts from the record whose record ID object is capIdFrom.